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Fundatia Ecologica Green - RO

FEG (Fundatia Ecologica Green) is an educational institution, autonomous and non profit making, located in Iasi, Romania, comprising: four kindergartens, two primary schools, a network of 16 post secondary technical schools and training centres for adult education active at national level.
The project is implemented by FEG Post Secondary School from Iasi.
FEG Post-Secondary School from Iasi was founded in 1998 and in 2008 it was accredited by the Ministry of Education. In 2014 and 2019, the school has been evaluated by the Ministry of Education, getting a high score for the quality of education provided. The school functions with 830 students and 39 trainers and teachers. It provides training in 12 qualifications (nurses for general care, pharmacy assistant, physiotherapy assistants, custom agents, analyst programmers, accountants, banking, stylists, aesthetics, interior designers, out of which the most representative is the Nursing Division.

Kanuni Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi - TR

Kanuni Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi started educational practices in the field of Health Services in 2000. Our school is located in Izmit district of Kocaeli province. In our public school, 4-year education is provided at the high school level in two different fields. A total of 652 students are studying in our school in the fields of Nurse Assistant, Midwife Assistant and Health Care Technician under the Health Services Field and in the Elderly and Patient Care Field. There are 42 teachers working in our school, including 16 Health Services teachers who have a wide range of experience in their fields. Our graduates can continue their 4- or 2-year university education or work as support staff in healthcare institutions.

SOSU Ostjylland - DK

SOSU Ostjylland is the second largest social and health care college in Denmark. We provide various educational programs (EQF level 3 + 4) - as well as supplementary training of educated staff members in social and healthcare institutions and for home care for elderly. Besides we educate and train staff for the child care sector. We provide VET education, youth education including EUX and also EUD10 – a combination of EQF4 VET education and Highschool and 10th grade of the primary school. We have more than 30 years’ experience in training and further education of care staff and since 2007, validation of prior learning has been a part of our activities. We have about 170 full time employed staff members and 20 external professionals connected to our daily praxis. The college has more than 1200 full-time students, and about 2.000 professional caregivers participated in shorter or longer supplementary training courses. Our students are in the age of 15 to 60 years old, and have more than 50 different ethical and cultural backgrounds.


The Provincial Institute of Nursing Hasselt (PIVH) is a school that is part of the Provincial Secondary School Hasselt. We organise the HBO5 nursing course, which consists of 5 modules. At the PIVH we offer lessons in daytime education and in evening classes. From 1 September 2023, the higher vocational education (HBO5) course leading to a diploma of 'graduate in nursing' will be transformed into higher education course (HBO5) with basic nursing as the diploma. In total in the department nursing, there are 90 teachers and administrative staff, and about 350 students are undergoing nursing training.

Polytechnic Institute of Santarém (IPSantarém) - PT

IPSantarém is a public polytechnic higher education institution, at the service of society, committed to the high-level qualification of citizens, dedicated to the creation, production, transmission and dissemination of knowledge of a professional nature, culture, science, technology, the arts, guided research and experimental development, favouring the centrality of the student and the surrounding community, within a framework of international reference. The various schools offer bachelor's, master's and postgraduate programmes, as well as higher vocational technical courses. It has been possible, in some training areas, to use b-learning training. IPSantarém promotes institutional cooperation and the effective mobility of all its agents, both nationally and internationally - namely in the European higher education area and in the community of Portuguese-speaking countries - participates in activities to connect with society, disseminate/transfer and economically valorise knowledge and ensures citizens' access to higher education and lifelong learning. IPSantarém maintains close ties with the community and the regional business community, intensifying this relationship in order to provide training adapted to regional needs.


The CIFP Majada Marcial is a public integrated vocational training center, under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and Universities of the Government of the Canary Islands, established in 2005. Located in Puerto del Rosario, the capital of Fuerteventura, it is a leading institution in vocational training on the island. Regarding its educational offerings, it provides both formal vocational training in traditional, blended, and modular formats, as well as the assessment and accreditation of professional competencies acquired throughout individuals' lives via work experience. Additionally, the center is currently implementing dual mobility programs, fostering the education-business partnership. Specifically, its educational offerings include fourteen vocational training cycles at the intermediate level and nine at the advanced level, spanning ten professional families such as administration and management, commerce and marketing, electricity and electronics, energy and water, personal image, IT and communications, installation and maintenance, transportation and vehicle maintenance, health, and socio-cultural and community services. Furthermore, the center participates in the Erasmus+ program, which enables students interested in internships in European countries such as Romania, Germany, Finland, Portugal, Poland, and Malta. It also serves as a host partner for students from various countries like Romania and Germany. Moreover, within the Erasmus+ program, the center engages in two KA2 projects aimed at developing tools to enhance teaching quality and contribute to its internationalization. Regarding the center's teaching staff, it comprises a team of over 100 educators. Currently, there are 1,100 enrolled students, whose profiles vary significantly due to the wide range of educational offerings. The student body includes both minors and adults who gain admission through entrance exams, compulsory secondary education (ESO) diplomas, or baccalaureate qualifications. Notably, a significant percentage of these students are active workers seeking to further their education.

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